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Porcelain veneers may be what you need if you promised yourself a new you in 2018. Porcelain veneers can correct short teeth or teeth that are too long and can close that gap that you can’t stand. If you have chips or cracks, teeth that can’t be lightened with professional tooth whitening products, or teeth that are worn from tooth grinding, talk to your Glendale Dentists Dr. John Asano about porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers are Permanent

Unlike cosmetic dental bonding, which can be reversed, porcelain veneers are permanent. If you and Dr. Asano decide that porcelain veneers are the best solution for your dental issues, a portion of the enamel on your teeth needs to be removed for a natural fit. Unless you opt for ultra thin porcelain veneers, some of the enamel needs to be removed so that the veneer will lay and fit properly on the tooth. If this bothers you, talk to Dr. Asano about cosmetic dental bonding. Although bonding is not as strong or stain resistant as veneers, it can still give you a beautiful smile.

Porcelain Veneers are Good for Dental Health

If you have teeth that are crooked, crowded or teeth that are unevenly spaced you are in the high-risk category for tooth decay and gum disease. If you are unable to reach behind a tooth or floss around a crooked tooth, you are much more susceptible to gingivitis and dental caries.

Porcelain veneers will give you a straight and beautiful smile that is easy to brush. Just like your teeth, you will teeth to brush twice every day. Make sure to floss once each day and use an antibacterial mouth rinse to keep away gingivitis and cavities. Ask Dr. Asano to recommend a good mouthwash that can help kill bacteria.

If you would like a straighter smile for the New Year, call or click and schedule a no obligation porcelain veneers consultation with your Glendale Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. John Asano. He really will give you a reason to smile again.

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