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It’s the happiest time of the year and that means lots of parties, food, drink and great fun, but if all of the merriment has made you forget about that little toothache that has been bothering you since the end of summer, it’s time to call or click and schedule an appointment for a full dental checkup with Dr. John Asano.

Your Glendale Dentist can determine the root cause of the toothache, whether it is a cracked or broken tooth or a cavity.

When you ignore a toothache, it could lead to all kinds of other issues. You could end up with an infection or an abscess that could have serious complications.

A dangerous abscess can form if a bacterium has entered a tooth. Once the bacteria hit the pulp inside your tooth pus will start to form. If you have an abscess, it is imperative that you see your Glendale Dentist immediately as an untreated abscess could land you in the ER.

According to Dr. John Asano, you should go to a dentist in Glendale as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable, which is an infection, or a serious abscess.

If the tooth is in trouble, your dentist in Glendale will recommend a root canal, and although root canal therapy has a bad reputation, it could save your tooth. Root canal therapy is used if the roots in your teeth have died. The pulp inside your tooth contains blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. If the pulp is dead or dying, Dr.Asano will remove it before cleaning and sealing. Root Canal Therapy is no more uncomfortable than a dental filling and is much more comfortable than a constant toothache.

Stop ignoring that painful tooth and call or click for an appointment. Your dentist in Glendale can take care of the pain getting you ready for the holidays.

Call or click now.