If you have been thinking about professional teeth whitening, you may want to call or click and make an appointment with Dr. John Asano.

Dr. Asano uses a take home professional teeth whitening system that can lighten your teeth while you sleep, and best of all, you will see results in as little as two weeks.

Your Glendale dentist doesn’t recommend those over the counter toothpastes, mouth rinses, gels, or strips. People tend to overdue tooth whitening, which can cause damage if done too often or if left on too long. Over bleaching can cause weak enamel, sensitivity, and even bluish colored teeth. With professional tooth whitening, you can be assured that your teeth will be whitened in the safest possible way.

The porous enamel on your teeth holds on to stains that include:

• Tobacco
• Coffee
• Cola
• Tea
• Red Wine
• Certain sauces
• Aging
• Poor oral hygiene

An extrinsic stain, staining on the outside, is much easier to treat with professional tooth whitening.

Staining can also occur inside your teeth. Called intrinsic stains, these are difficult if not impossible to whiten with tooth whitening products. Tetracycline antibiotics, root canal treatments, and excessive fluoride use as a child can cause intrinsic stains.

During your teeth whitening evaluation, Dr. Asano and his team will make sure that you are free from gum disease and cavities. The tooth whitening solution that is used can easily go through the decay into the pulp making a root canal necessary if you bleach your teeth when you have tooth decay. If you have receding gums, the roots will still appear discolored or yellow as no amount of tooth whitening products will make them any whiter.

Teeth whitening will also not work on porcelain, ceramic or resin restorations, so if you have dental veneers, dental implants, dental bonding or tooth colored fillings, it is important to take extra care as tooth whitening will not lighten teeth that have been previously restored.

Before you buy that tooth whitening kit from your local pharmacy, call or click and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Glendale as it is important to have the all clear before you start any type of tooth whitening regime.

Call or click and schedule a tooth whitening consultation with your Glendale dentist today.