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If you wake up in the morning with a stiff jaw, experience headaches, hear a popping sound when you open and close your mouth or have a bite problem, it could have something to do with your TMJ. Your, TMJ, short for temporomandibular joint, are the hinges that allow you to open and close your mouth.

Potential Causes

The Mayo Clinic explains that if you suffer from stress, grind your teeth at night, or have experienced any type of trauma to your jaw, you could be at risk for TMD. Although some refer to the disorder as TMJ, that is actually the name of the joint.

According to Dr. John Asano, TMJ can cause pain and discomfort. Some of the signs that you may be experiencing if you have TMD include:

• Tenderness or pain in the jaw
• Pain in one or more of your TMJ
• Pain in or around the ear
• Pain or difficulty when chewing
• Facial pain
• Lockjaw
• Problems opening and closing your mouth
• Clicking sound when you chew, talk or open and close your mouth
• Limitation when chewing or talking
• Troubles sleeping
• Earaches
• Headaches
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Bad bite

If you are under stress or clench your teeth at night, you are at risk for TMD. Your Glendale Dentist Dr. John Asano will be able to determine if a bad bite, chipped tooth, or missing tooth is causing your temporomandibular joint disorder. Even the slightest dental problem could cause problems with your temporomandibular joints.

If Dr. Asano determines that your teeth and gums are to blame for your TMD he may recommend dental restorations. If you have gum disease, jawbone recession could be causing your TMD. If your bite is out of alignment, Dr. Asano can help.

Dr. Asano is a licensed and preferred Oral Appliance provider and can prescribe the best oral appliance for your TMD.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, call or click and schedule an appointment with your Glendale Dentist. Dr. Asano can evaluate your bite to determine if you are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder.

You don’t have to live in pain, call or click for a temporomandibular joint disorder evaluation today.