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Unhealthy foods for your teeth and gums are more than hard candy, salt water taffy and starchy foods.

Your oral health and your diet really are connected, and if you think you eat a healthy diet because you enjoy snacking on citrus fruit all afternoon, think again. According to Dr. John Asano, the food and drinks you consume, even though you think they are healthy, could cause tooth decay and gum disease. Unhealthy foods for your teeth and gums can sometimes be deceptive.

Those sports and energy drinks, that dried fruit and those low fat pretzels may be making your scale happy, but your mouth would beg to differ. Dr. Asano explains that those fat busting snacks and drinks are just as bad for your teeth as that white bread you used to enjoy.

Sticky Foods

You may have given those gummy bears the flick, but the sticky dates, apricots, papaya and figs that you have swapped them for are just as bad when it comes to your teeth. The sugary snacks can stay behind long after you have enjoyed. If you must eat, sticky dried fruit rinse with water.

Whole Grains

Processed white flour, rice and other processed foods may be long gone from your diet, but those healthy grains can be just as bad. Whole wheat bread is just as bad as it sticks to the fissures and grooves at the back of your teeth. Enjoy as part of a meal and be sure to rinse with water after eating if you want to avoid unhealthy foods for your teeth and gums.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Watch out for those acidic sports and energy drinks. Quench your thirst after a workout with water as energy and sports drinks contain sugar and enamel eating acid. Skipping the Red Bull in favor of a glass of unsweetened ice tea will be much better for your oral health.

Citrus Fruits

Tomatoes, yes they are a fruit, lemons, limes, Kiwi, oranges and grapefruit may be your favorite snack, but citrus fruits can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Never suck on a lemon and if you must indulge, enjoy with your meal.

When it comes to unhealthy foods for your teeth and gums, do your research and talk to your dentist. A dental checkup will go a long way when it comes to oral hygiene.

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