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A beautiful smile can be yours when you schedule an appointment with Dr. John Asano whether you want something as simple as professional tooth whitening or have been considering dental implants. Schedule a no obligation Smile Analysis with Dr. Asano who can determine what cosmetic or restorative dental treatments would be best for your particular needs.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is used to repair chips and cracks and can be used to brighten teeth that cannot be whitened with over the counter or professional tooth whitening products. If dental bonding is right for you, a color will be chosen to match the rest of your teeth. Once the hue has been chosen, Dr. Asano will roughen the tooth or teeth that are to be bonded before applying the cosmetic dental resign. The resign will be sculpted into place before being hardened with a laser or light. Once hardened the bonding will be polished to show off your beautiful smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a more permanent procedure and require some removal from the natural tooth to make way for the veneer. Dr. Asano will prepare your teeth before making an impression or a mold. A shade for your veneers will also be chosen by both you and Dr. Asano. You may or may not be fitted with temporary veneers. Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will cleanse the teeth and apply a special liquid and bonding material before hardening with a light or laser.

Porcelain Crowns or Caps

If you have large fillings, a dental cap or crown may be recommended as it protects the healthy part of the tooth. Dental crowns protect and strengthen the structure of the tooth that can’t be restored with other types of dental restorations. Dental crowns are used for decayed teeth, large fillings, fractured fillings, cosmetic enhancement, fractured or broken teeth and for root canals. Dental crowns usually require two visits with the first including molds and impressions to use for your permanent dental crown or crowns. Your dentist will fit you with a temporary crown or crowns until your dental crowns are ready to be placed. During your second appointment, Dr. Asano will remove the temporary crown or crowns before placing with your new permanent crown or crowns.

Stop dreaming about a beautiful smile and call or click and schedule an appointment with your Glendale cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Asano.