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If that toothache that you had all summer seemed to have disappeared over the past month or so, you should head to your dentist as quickly as possible. Tooth decay, old, leaky or chipped fillings don’t magically fix themselves and need to be repaired. However, sometimes, no matter how many times a tooth is examined, there is no sign of decay or any other issue that could be the source of the pain.

Tooth pain can be chronic and dull or sudden and sharp with an infinite number of reasons, but the ones that are the most puzzling are the cases that involve aches that start and stop suddenly, even disappearing completely only to return in a couple of months. Your dentist explains that your body heals itself and could be the cause of some of your erratic symptoms; however, it is possible to misdiagnose an unrelated condition when the pain seems to be coming from your tooth.

Occasionally your toothache could be indicating another medical problem. Sinus and ear infections could be the reason for that dull ache that seems to be coming from your back molar while your top eyetooth could be giving you pain because you have angina that has not been diagnosed. A toothache that comes and goes needs to be looked at by both your dentist and your doctor.

Teeth that are cracked on the inside are tough to diagnose on initial examination. What makes it even more difficult is that those cracks may not be visible on an x-ray. A cracked tooth results in acute pain as both sides of the crack move. This will cause pulp irritation inside of your tooth. Over time, your tooth pulp will become sensitive to cold and hot temperatures.

If left untreated that crack in your tooth, could start hurting on its own, or disappear all together depending on how your tooth pulp reacts to the cracked tooth and if an infection develops. The pulp will die off at the point where it was exposed to the crack, spontaneously heal, or get worse. If the pulp becomes infected the pain will most certainly recur in a few weeks.

A toothache that comes and goes is nothing to cheer about and should be looked at as quickly as possible. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today who can find the underlying cause of your pain once and for all. Call or click now.